Unmasking Ownerology: A Journey Through the Subtleties of Business Management

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to wield surprisingly large control in an organization, even though their official position may not be so prominent? Or why certain employees seem to have an innate ability to navigate office politics, especially when interacting with the person at the top? If so, you've witnessed 'ownerology', a fascinating game of influence and power. This is a crucial part of managing ownerology, a concept that will completely change your perspective on organizational dynamics.

In my recent book "The Ownerologist", we explore ownerology, a concept that, although not found in conventional management textbooks, has profound and far-reaching implications for the health and success of an organization.


We define «ownerology» as the set of specific knowledge an employee has about the owner or manager of the company, and the cunning to use them to their own benefit. The 'ownerologists', as we call them, can exist at any level of the organization, regardless of their title or hierarchical position. With detailed knowledge of the owner or manager's needs, behaviors, and preferences, they wield notable influence that can exceed their official position.

Contrary to what you might think, ownerology is not limited to family businesses, where power is highly centralized in the figure of the owner. It is also present in organizations where the general manager or another manager wields power equivalent to that of an owner.

Unraveling Dynamics

The goal of «The Ownerologist» is to shed light on this often ignored dynamic and provide practical tools for effectively managing it. We examine how to identify ownerologists, how their influence can be transformed into an asset for the company, and how to create a culture resistant to ownerology. By understanding ownerology, we can redesign our companies for a future in which ownerology is a distant memory.

If this topic intrigued you, I invite you to explore more in my book «The Ownerologist», the first chapter is free!!

If you're interested in how human dynamics can influence the business world, this book is for you. Together, we can learn to navigate and transform these subtleties for the benefit of our organizations.

Discover the fascinating reality of ownerology and how it may be shaping your organization in ways you never imagined.

I hope you enjoy this journey into the depths of business management as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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