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Inteligencia Artificial en la Agricultura

Inteligencia Artificial en la Agricultura: Avances del 2023 y Previsiones para el 2024

La «Inteligencia Artificial en Agricultura» ha sido una frase clave en el 2023. Ha marcado un año histórico con avances que prometen revolucionar el campo. A continuación, desglosaré los progresos más significativos y compartiré mis expectativas para el 2024. La IA en el Campo: Un Año de Innovación Este año, la IA ha mostrado su capacidad para mejorar la eficiencia


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See recent works

The challenge of innovation in family businesses

When talking about innovation in family businesses, it is generally believed that they do not face it in the best way. However, the difference with non-family businesses is not much, since they face these processes in almost the same way.


First Chilean agricultural wheelchair advances

Many times life puts us to the test and the story of Alfredo Carrasco provides many lessons in this regard, a professional who is developing a prototype of agricultural wheelchairs and very particular orchard workshops.


Debunking myths about robotization

Myths of robotization Every technological change applied in the industry has always faced resistance and with robotization and artificial intelligence it has not been


Digital skills and the company

The rapid transition from the industrialized society to the knowledge society has exposed some shortcomings in what are now essential digital skills, both